Division of Optical Scattering Image Science

Osamu Matoba

Imaging Techniques through scattering fields and Multimodal Imaging

We have been developing imaging techniques for fluorescent light inside or beyond scattering media. For fluorescence, we have measured phase and amplitude distributions using digital holography and transport of intensity equations, and have demonstrated that image recovery can be achieved by numerical calculation of light wave propagation and phase recovery to suppress the scattering effect. We have been also working on multimodal imaging techniques to simultaneously acquire many physical parameters such as phase, fluorescence, and polarization.

Project: Osamu Matoba

Xiangyu Quan

プロジェクト:全 香玉

Naru Yoneda

Project: Naru Yoneda

Division of Mathematical Modeling

Tetsuya Takiguchi

Project: Tetsuya Takiguchi

Toshiaki Omori

Project: Toshiaki Omori

Application Division

Mitsuhiro Morita

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Toru Takumi

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Hiroaki Wake

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Hisao Tsukamoto

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Takayama Lab.

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Awatsuji Lab.

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